Extension Ladder Safety

IMG_2254 IMG_2253 IMG_2252 IMG_2260This extension ladder was on uneven ground so leveled it with a piece of 2×6 and put some stakes in and tied it up so it wouldn’t slip out….also was concerned about the extension ladder being so close to the power line, so i through a canvas cloth over it. to be even safer a fiberglass ladder should have been used or scaffolding…….

Fence Post Holes

IMG_1429 Digging a fence post hole by hand is relatively easy and good exercise. I try to get a hole that is at least 30 inches deep, more if the ground is loose. Our cat Izzy checking out my measurements to make sure I get my 30″. When replacing old rotten fence posts….I dig my hole close to the old one and every 8 feet from that one. Digging old post concrete out, you may end up with a hole three times the size of the old one. Sometimes and its not very often you can actually put a post in the old hole, especially if it is really rotten.I have used long auger bits and pry bars to drill and break out the rotten post.IMG_1431

Post Replacement


Brushed on some wood preservative before installing post


These are the new 6×6 posts installed…


This is the new corner post with a new posts saddle installed underneath. A small 6×6 piece of shingle was placed on the post saddle and under post to protect bottom of post from moisture and saddle base.


Post Saddle Replacement

Middle Post holding up two beams…

 IMG_1690 IMG_1744

This middle post holds up two beams joined over the middle of the top of the post. Post jacks on either side of this post is necessary to take post out, so both beams will stay aligned and can be dropped back down on new post.

    IMG_1746 IMG_1747

This post saddle was more exposed to the weather being on the corner of the house and was rusted right through. Cut old post saddle off with a grinder flush with the concrete.Hilti drilled a hole in the concrete next to old post saddle and dropped new post saddle into hole.


  1. IMG_1612 IMG_1613  IMG_2012
    • 3’x 5′ sheving unit made of 1×12 Pine Shelving…..fixed shelving on left and adjustable shelving on right.

Top photo: adjustable metal shelving rails dattoed in. Middle photo: slots for fixed shelving dattoed in.

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